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Car 8000 in service.

Now Online!:
Trolley Treasures, Vol. I---"The Wartime Years in New Jersey"
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Previously Published and Coming Soon to a Browser Near You:
Trolley Treasures, Vol. II---"The Wartime Years in New Jersey, Part II"

Coming in 1998---In Print and on the Web:
Trolley Treasures, Vol. III---"Tracks of Triumph" (Trolley Cars and the Bridge to France)

Tarnished Triumph---Companion Volume to "Trolley Treasures, Vol. III"

Trolley Treasures, Vol. IV---"The Pre-War Years in New Jersey"

Trolley Treasures, Vol. V---"The Workhorses: The Cars That Built the System"

Also in 1998, Watch for the Long-Awaited
Trolleys in America: The Long Road Back

Billy Kozlowski with car 8002 at the Erie Yards, Orange, NJ, 1940.

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